Montana Draft Horse & Mule Association

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Dedicated to Promoting and Preserving Draft Animals in Montana

Local Driving Clubs offer members the opportunity to participate, with others in your neighborhood, in equine activities like pleasure drives, play days, show events and parades. Please contact your local club to further your driving education and meet others. that have the same interest in driving animals as you.

Bitterroot Draft Horse Club - Stevensville, MT                                                Ten Mile Drivers - Helena, MT                  
Contact: Marian Powell (952) 240-1125                                                            Contact: Rita McClain (406) 431-3795

President: Kenn McCarty

Vice-President: Chad

Secretary/Treasurer: Nicole Smart

Director:  Claudia Hrebicek

Director: Bonnie Doyle

Director: Sandy Smith

Communications:   Myndi Holbrook

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