About Us!

The Montana Draft Horse and Mule Association was formed in 1982 by a small group of Draft Horse and Mule enthusiasts interested in educational techniques of draft animal use in the farm and ranch setting.  Since then, our non-profit has grown from an agricultural organization to one that includes equine owners with various backgrounds who have a passion for driving and sharing their knowledge with others.  It includes members of all ages, from families with kids, to young adults, empty nesters and "old timers" who are always willing to teach others.  In addition to draft horses and mules, the club includes draft crosses, light horse breeds, draft and light ponies, donkeys, and even a few miniature horses.  If you have a love of equines and driving, or if you have always wanted to learn more about the art and sport of driving, there's a local club for you!

Check out the MDHMA members and horses featured in Youtube Episode 2 of        "Through the Ears of a Horse"

Our Mission Statement:

To promote equine in harness or draft for education among the members and the general public

To encourage youth participation and to extend education about these draft animals, as well as the skills of working in harness or draft to anyone who is interested


To continue to recognize and preserve the historical heritage of the draft animal and its place in today's society


To teach and foster the fundamental values and skills, which are learned by working with animals for enjoyment, recreation and entertainment, by participating in equine shows, working horse and driver events and demonstrations, pleasure drives, parades, educational workshops and any other related events.

Montana Draft Horse & Mule Association

Dedicated to Promoting and Preserving Draft Animals in Montana