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Dear Fellow Montana Draft Horse and Mule Association members:
I have been accumulating a lot of old harness parts when people give me their old,

unused harnesses. I seem to have made a hobby of taking the old parts, discarding the truly

worn out pieces and then trying to scrub, clean, oil, and restore the parts that have any good

use left in them. So here is a deal you might be interested in.

Need a harness part? Email me and see if I have it. It might be a strap, a tug, or any other

part of the harness. I don't get many collars, as most of us hang on to them, but there are

lots of other parts. Here's the good part.

Sounds nuts, I know. I've been giving away parts for some time and once someone gave me a little cash for oil and Leather new, and that was nice, but not really necessary. I'll mail it to you, or take it to the next meeting, or meet you when you are coming through Billings area, or any other way you want to get it.

Also, if you have a broken part, I may be able to repair it. I have quite a collection of hardware too, but some of the clips that always break I am in short supply of. Second: if you have any old harness that I can attempt to restore, how about giving it to the cause rather than let it rot in your barn. I'll clean it all up and add it to the give-away pile of pieces.

I can meet you at MDHMA meetings if I can get there, or if you are driving by Billings, I have a place you can drop it off 24/7. Email me and we can work something out. I would like to ask that those receiving free parts would be a member of the Montana Draft Horse and Mule Association. This is meant to be a benefit of being a member. If you need a part that costs much at all, it would be a win/win deal to join, re-join, or pay up your dues so you can get the part. I'm pretty loose with it all but we really do need to support the association and be part of it.

Trying to keep you hitched and rolling: ED JORDEN or (406) 254-1267

For Sale:  Beautiful Covered Wagon. 

Due to old age, we find it necessary to downsize my horse drawn vehicle collection.  This is our covered wagon with two water barrels that was built in 2008 by Yoder’s wagon company.  We are the original owners and it has always been kept in my enclosed shed so it is in excellent condition and road ready.  I’ve used it on several wagon trains and given many people rides in it It’s in great shape.  It's located near Pryor, MT (near Billings).

For more information and additional photos, please contact Ed Jorden at or 406-254-1267. 

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